Find your place in a NDCC Canoe Polo Team.

Canoe polo is like basketball on water. It’s an energetic game that combines the ball skills of basketball and water polo with the manoeuvrability of a kayak.

Canoe polo is played on flatwater, such as a lake. (or in a swimming pool) The field is about 25m x 35m with the goal suspended above the water at each end.

Each player paddles a specially designed kayak called a “polo bat” which is less than 3m long for manoeuvrability and has padded bumpers on each end for safety.

The ball is passed hand to hand, as in water polo, or can be flicked with the paddle.

The paddle can also be used to intercept passes or to block shots at goal.

Safety is a big consideration for players, each wears a helmet with a face mask to protect the head, face and neck. Injuries are rare and the referees are there to protect the players from unduly rough or dangerous play. Many sportspeople who have injuries through playing high impact sports can turn to canoe polo to maintain fitness or to play a sport where injuries are rare.

It doesn’t matter if you are short or tall, young or old, male or female, canoe polo is great fun

From the novice to the elite player you’ll find your place in a Northern District Canoe Club team.

NDCC has teams in all grades of the Adelaide Canoe Polo Competition.

A Grade is for  the elite level players. NDCC A grade players include some of the best players in Australia.

B grade is for the developing young player and for older players who want a lively competition.

C Grade is for the novice and provides an opportunity for players to learn the skills of the sport in a competition environment.

So if you are interested in finding out more about Canoe Polo. Come and join us, enjoy working towards being part of a winning team and have fun in a friendly atmosphere.

If you want more information or want to try out to see if canoe polo is for you

Ring Ian Heard on 043 123 1718

Coaching for teams and individuals is what NDCC offers to its canoe polo players. Click on the links at the bottom of this webpage for more information on training and coaching.

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NDCC supports Play by the Rules

Water quality issues for paddlers (Click here for more information) 

As a club we strive to be friendly, inclusive and welcoming.

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